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EHarmony – Plaintext and Hashdump

Well, I have cracked more then 80%  of the EHarmony  hashdump so time for me to report on the passwords and release the plaintexts. I will update this page as I get to 90% and so on. I used cracking this hashdump to test my LinkedIn plaintexts and to explain some hashcat basics (see here).

  • the hashes are MD5, but there seems to be a few non-MD5 entries that hashcat will complain about
  • the hacker who released them has removed all duplicates
  • EHarmony converted all lowercase to uppercase thus greatly reducing the keyspace for cracking
  • I am guessing that these passwords represent a password rules change, there are some passwords that look like they were cut off at 14 characters but also a very few with more then 14 characters. Also there are almost no passwords with special characters in them. I would guess that at some time EHarmony changed the password rules and this hashdump represents passwords from before and after that change.
  • Here is the hashdump
  • Here are the plaintexts (currently 1258045 of 1513805 or 83% done)
  • Here are some rules which were generated by hashcat when using the “g” option

Address : <>

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