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Electronic “architecture” promises

In real life, big companies and organizations build impressive buildings to demonstrate to visitors and clients how worthy and valuable they are. Banks have done this for decades, government buildings, etc. The not-too-subtle idea being that only very wealthy and powerful organizations could afford to do this, so we could trust them. And that worked. The problem is that we still have have same instinct on the internet. We see a great looking website, slick layout, etc and we think that we should trust the company because surely only a professional company could do that… right? Not so much.

Take a look at Brian Krebs recent article :

Infamous Hacker Heading Chinese Antivirus Firm?
Address : <>

As always it is a good read, but take a look at the address used for this “Canadian” business 5334 Yonge street, Toronto..

..not exactly trust inspiring. So remember, fancy electronic “architecture” is just a cheap pysch trick playing on our real-world architectural biases – always do a bit more investigation… or read Brian’s blog :).

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