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John the Ripper and Hashcat – Markov Mode Comparison

Looking back at the year it seems I spent a lot of time dealing with passwords. While it was fun and enlightening, it brought home again how we start taking our tools for granted. We should always be looking at our tools to see if they can be used better or if they should be replaced. I will admit right up front, I am a great fan of both hashcat and john the ripper, and I think they are both great tools. They each excel in certain areas, but there is always a lot of debate over which is better. This intensifies when the comparison is around the implementation of the “Markov” mode attack. I will not repeat what you can find on wikipedia but in VERY simple terms it allows for better “brute forcing” after analyzing a list of already cracked passwords.

Both john the ripper and hashcat implement this, but in different ways. I wanted to see how they stacked up against one another.
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