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Hashdumps and Password – Update

13-May-2014: Lots of updates – (a) most importantly, I want to thank @Losthash (from,  @OxAlien, @m3g9tr0n, Mr ““, and @wpacrack 🙂 for much appreciated help and contributions, (b) extra analysis reports, (c) added “TomSawyer“, “OpSea“, “Slyck“, “Aha“, “Forbes“, (d) started adding in “what’s left” files and (e) split the pastebin hashes off since that grows almost daily and (f) and lots of progress.
14-May-2014: Up to and including this update, I have been using hashcat and CPU cracking. Thanks to Leo I am now able to use oclhashcat with some R9 GPU’s. So I am reworking my workflow a bit and making much better progress on the salted hashes.
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