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Ubuntu VM as Test Lab Gateway

I thought of writing this tutorial because I spent alot of time trying to get this thing to work. But when all other methods failed I tried with the basics and it worked like a charm. So what are we doing today? Well the set up that I have is simple:
Internet → External Firewall → Internal Firewall/Router → VMWare Esxi → A lot of vm machines 🙂

What was my objective? To have a separate network of VM’s that will not mess with my LAN
How to achieve? Actually there are various different ways. The ones I tried are as follows:

  1. DDWRT as a VM Appliance
  2. pfSense as a VM Appliance
  3. Any other router with x86 image as an appliance
  4. I chose Ubuntu 14.04 [✓]

Address: <>

Published by harshal, on April 6th, 2015 at 1:49 am. Filled under: GeneralNo Comments

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