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some 2011 annual reports

Each year a bunch of companies and places come out with their “reveiw” of the last year. 3 of these are the Cisco, Messagelabs and Sophos Annual Reports. I had a look through them and while I am too lazy to provide the links (google them are if youreally want them then pester me), I will let you know what I thought.

The Sophos report was decent, but for me it came across just a bit too like marketing and pushing services.

The Cisco report however really surprised me by how good it was. Very little giving into the hype of things, lots of detail and well presented. A very good read.

The Messagelabs report is always very detailed with lots of stats. It can be a very narrow audience, but it always covers the subject well. This year I particularly enjoyed the web threats/attacks section.

After reading all 3, you see (1) mobile threats, (2) social network threats and (3) cybercrime for profit are common threads. One thing I saw very little if any mention of was cloud and virtualization, which was surprising. All in all, good reads to keep you up to date and more importantly, lots of soundbites and numbers to use in your upcoming management presentations 😉

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