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Security Quiz App
Author: Leo Ni

I have long thought there has to be a better way to educate people, something that is entertaining, but still informative. After I lot of reading I thought maybe a application that asked information security centric questions? With technologies available now I could create something that is cross-platform. Also if it was created well, it would be something that is scalable and can be adapted quickly to different scenarios and needs.

This thinking was the driving force behind this app:
Security Quiz App 0.1 (html5 web version)

I have plans for the app. The link now is to a html5 version, but I want to create mobile and desktop versions. I want to expand the questions. In short I want to make it better. And that is where I hope everyone who is interested can contribute by:
- contribute questions
- provide feedback on the applications, suggestions for making it better
- provide feedback on areas I may have missed

..pretty much anything you can think of that may improve it. I am more then willing to give credit via a contributors page or screen (if this is a sticking point just let me know and we can chat). But from my side, please feel free to use the app!

I am reachable via email -,  and on twitter at @FengWeiNi