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"Inveniam viam aut faciam" : I will either find a way, or I shall make one


I like working on cracking password hashes (in case you are new here, see this) but nice big data sets don't come along often (good news, bad news) but there are lots of smaller dumps that happen (again.. good news/bad news). Most of these dumps are put on sites like pastebin, and in order to help people stay up to date there are monitoring bots that notify you if something is found. The best of these even notify folks via twitter (for example, @pastebindorks @dumpmon etc). This is very useful and very helpful. But it does mean you need to monitor the accounts. And since some of these paste sites have taken to removing these dumps, you need to act quickly. This causes problems for all of us unable to monitor our twitter feeds 24x7. But in the normal spirit of the security minded community ("I will replace you with a small shell script") the folks at TekDefense have created a python (not quite shell) script to monitor certain twitter accounts and parse through the links provided to download and store the hashes.

Obviously you need
Once you have downloaded "python-twitter" (see here using "git clone git://") you will need to:
HashMonitor script
Now that the groundwork is done, go to the script. You will need to edit it, change this:
api = twitter.Api()

and use the details I told you to note earlier to make it look like this:
api = twitter.Api(consumer_key='xx', consumer_secret='xx', access_token_key='xx', access_token_secret='xx')

If all is setup right, you should be able to run the script and see something like:
> ./

[*] Running
[*] Adding links to the DB if they have not been scanned previously.
[+] Adding into the DB
[+] Adding into the DB
[+] Adding into the DB
[+] Adding into the DB
[-] 86 links were previously scanned
[+] Searching for hashes in the new URLs
[*] Inserting new hashes to the DB if any are found.
[+] Adding ea2c66ddeb13ff3360e343b98413de1d to the DB
[+] Adding b60ef33c2d1d9aa2db2271d9bbd5f24b to the DB
[+] Added 1188 Hashes to the Database

Final Steps
So we now have a working script. Lets get it automated, to do this we need to remember some points:

So now we have a scheduled task which will download all those nice hashes for us. There are some gotcha's depending on your point of view. One is that there is no attribution, you will get the hashes but you will not know where the leak came from if that was mentioned in the original dump. But what you do get is real hashes, in an easy way, and you can use them to learn and contribute back. Try it out, have fun and learn.